Snow Joe 320E Electric Snow Shovel | 10-Inch | 8.5-Amp

Snow Joe

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WHEN IT COMES TO SNOW, GO WITH JOE®. Introducing the ultimate grab-n-go snow-busting tool: 320E Electric Snow Shovel from SNOW JOE. Combining innovation and functionality, SNOW JOE provides an easy, convenient, and eco-friendly solution to get snow out of your way this winter.

The light choice is the right choice with SNOW JOE! Lightweight and easy to maneuver, 320E blasts through snow on the porch, patio, steps, sidewalk, and more! Simply plug-in, power-up, and Go With Joe®. The dual-handle design eliminates the need to bend while the 2-blade paddle auger clears snow from your path and pavement, reducing the pain and strain of shoveling.

Clear a path 10-inches wide by 6-inches deep in a single pass, while the durable scraper blade at the base of the unit lets you clear right to the ground without damaging your deck or driveway!

And when the job is done 320E stores easily inside of a hall closet or hangs easily on the wall for quick, convenient access.

GET EQUIPPED® this winter with the 320E Electric Snow Shovel from SNOW JOE® and leave the back-breaking snow shoveling behind you.

Ideal for quick + easy snow pickups on decks, steps, patios and sidewalks
Powerful 8.5-amp motor clears up to 9 tons of snow per hour
No pull cords, gas, oil, tune-ups or carbon emissions
2-blade high-impact, low-temperature paddle auger throws snow up to 20 feet and cuts a 10 in. x 6 in. path
Ergonomic, lightweight design (only 12 lbs) with adjustable back-saving handle
Compact design for simple storage after use