Services & Repair Centre

Computers aren't the most user-friendly technology around. Installing a new operating system is a daunting task. Upgrading the hardware is a mystery to most. Sometimes they crash, or get viruses, or simply stop working altogether. If you think about it, even cleaning a computer can be a pain.

You don't need to take time out of your schedule to deal with computer issues. Here at Unwired, it's what we do!

Our expert computer technicians provide a wide variety of services to keep your computer on pace with your lifestyle. No matter what the problem-anything from virus trouble, to broken hardware, to sluggish performance-we can diagnose your desktop or laptop correctly and repair it in-house at our Stockyards Village Location!

Don't know what's wrong?

  • A computer problem could be caused by any number of different reasons. Until the problem is identified, it is difficult to determine the best solution to save you time and money. With a quick system diagnostics test, our technicians can pin point exactly what needs to be done

Tune Up and Optimization

  • If your PC runs slowly or takes a long time to boot, bring it to us for a tune up and optimization. We'll speed it up so that you spend less time waiting, and more time on what's important.

Virus Removal

  • Once a virus is on your computer, it can spy on your internet activity, lock down your computer, or even access your personal financial data. Let our expert technicians pinpoint viruses and blast them into oblivion, getting you back to work or play sooner.

Laptop Repairs & Services

  • Crummy performance or a broken screen does not mean the end for your laptop. From hardware upgrades to broken screen replacements, we offer a broad range of services to repair and improve your laptop to help you get the most out of it.

Desktop Repairs & Services

  • We'll take care of your trusty desktop, inside and out. From cleaning to hardware installation to reinstalling your favorite operating system, we've got all your needs covered. And if you're looking for a major upgrade, we can even build you a whole new custom desktop from the ground up.

Mobile Phone and Tablet Services

  • Having problems setting up your new phone purchase? Do you have old data you would like to transfer? Have one of our expert technicians setup the phone according to your personal preferences. Unwired can also assist with installing your screen protectors and repairing select phone and tablet screens.

Professional Data Recovery

  • Data loss got you down? We've got you covered. Unwired offers various levels of professional data recovery services.