Repair Estimator

Have you lost all hope for your device? Think it's too far gone to salvage? Think again.

Our expert technicians can preform data back ups, recovery and transfer on most devices in the worst conditions. No seriously, seeing phones come to us in two separate Ziploc bags is not uncommon!

So don't throw in the towel, not when you have Unwired in your corner! 

Screen Repair

Cracked, Smashed, White-out, Black-out, Lines running through screens, “Tie-Dye” effect, “Bleeding” LCD, Black spots and ink spots. We can make it new.

Device Diagnosis 

Broken Phone, no power, dropped and mangled or even chewed by a dog? Frozen phone, missing features or just need a software update? We can help.

Audio Issues

Static sounds during phone calls, fading sound, very low volume or no ring tones. We will make it go away.

Water Damage

Our certified technicians can repair most water damaged phones. Bring your device in for a free quote, today!

Get a FREE quote for your phone repair or unlock now! If your device is not listed, don't worry, simply get in touch with us, and one of our specialists will get back in touch with you, within 24 hours!