CryptoOne is a zero-attack-surface mobile device that offers total secrecy and security of all communications, smooth performance, and easy to use privacy-centered functionalities.
The device comes with a global data plan, runs on a custom operating system, and uses only encrypted channels for all incoming and outgoing communications.
To use a CryptoOne device, you also need to purchase our subscription-based service. The service is offered for various time periods and includes a license for the OS and an unlimited-worldwide-coverage SIM card.
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Encrypted email
  • PGP with 4096-bit RSA keys and AES 256 cipher
  • PGP keys created and stored on the device
Encrypted chat and calls
  • OTR with AES 256, SHA-256 and 4096-bit DH
  • OMEMO with AES 256, SHA-256 and 4096-bit DH
  • ZRTP for voice calls AES XTS encryption with SHA-512
  • True peer-to-peer messaging
Powered by Secure OS
  • Zero-attack-surface
  • Full-disc encryption
  • Secure file storage
  • Locked bootloader
  • Disabled Internet browsing
  • No third party apps
  • No regular phone calls
  • No data kept on the server
  • Incognito mode
  • Remote wipe options
Global connectivity
  • Multi-IMSI SIM card included
  • Global data coverage in 180+ countries
  • No extra roaming fees

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